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Cyber Security

PrismSix Technologies’ experts continually strive to stay abreast of the latest developments in secure coding techniques, acquisition security, secure protocols, and large-scale system vulnerabilities. We then apply that expertise directly to our clients' core challenges. Whether designing public key infrastructure based applications, incorporating two-factor single sign on technologies, or securing data-at-rest in the cloud, our experts have the experience to secure your mission critical data information.

In order to ensure that our clients receive best-in-class cyber security expertise, we also go the extra mile by incentivizing our employees to retain security certifications and pursue advanced degrees in a cyber security related fields.

Project Management

We employ Project Management Professional (PMP) certified project managers that understand the importance of delivering on time, within budget, within scope, and on target quality. We focus on constant optimization using proven industry standard best practices.

At PrismSix, we emphasize effective communications, risk management, quality assurance, and baseline indicator tracking as part of a holistic approach to project management. Need to establish a formal project management program? No problem. We also have the expertise on hand ready to train and assist your team with establishing a repeatable, result-oriented, and continually improving project management methodology.

Software Development

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality software products for our clients' mission critical needs. Whether it is web-based applications “in the cloud,” mobile software for clients on the move, or high-grade security applications, PrismSix Technologies has the ability to deliver the right solution for your organization.

For our federal government customers, we also employ fully cleared developers for those clients requiring highly customized applications with the most stringent security needs.

Systems Engineering

Flexible, robust, and scalable systems design. It’s what we do best and our experts have the track record to prove it. Our approach to systems design involves first understanding the client’s baseline requirements and system performance goals. We then ensure that all system design activities conform to the client’s specified scope while remaining within cost and schedule constraints. We also utilize a phased system deployment model so that our clients quickly reap the benefits of an initial solution early on, and then add required additional features in a controlled manner. From minor upgrades to large-scale new designs, put our experts to work for your organization.

Unified Communications

Our experts have more than a decade of experience designing proven voice and video over IP solutions for some of the largest commercial telecommunications providers in the world. Analyzing quality of service, peak bandwidth consumption, application interoperability, firewall boundary security, and overall system performance management are just a fraction of the activities we perform as part of a comprehensive unified communications engineering design for our customers.

For our government customers, PrismSix Technologies’ track record of employing strong security design principles, government validated encryption modules, and solutions conforming to strict accreditation requirements have helped government entities save tax payer dollars while delivering mission critical communications. From fixed, to mobile, to cloud-based platforms, we stand ready to assist with a tailored solution designed to meet the current and future communications needs of your organization.