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About Us

PrismSix Technologies is a premier consulting and engineering services firm servicing both government and commercial customers. Headquartered in Elkridge, Maryland, our company is dedicated to a simple principle: our clients and our employees always come first.

We operate across a diverse range of specializations including software development, cyber security, information assurance, cloud computing, mobile applications, project management, and unified communications solution delivery. We employ top talent that has helped to secure some of the most mission critical communications on the globe, create innovative solutions for the large telecommunications service providers, and deploy cost reducing solutions for tax payers and commercial companies alike.

We look forward to delivering a high-quality solution, the PrismSix way, for your enterprise today.

Our Mission

To utilize industry leading expertise to provide outstanding, high quality solutions for our clients.

Core Values

Integrity – At all times, we deal honestly and truthfully with our clients. We provide the lowest cost solution that meets or exceeds the clients needs, and we take pride in knowing that PrismSix customers trust our subject matter experts for clear, direct, honest guidance in any circumstance.

Optimization – At PrismSix Technologies, we are not satisfied with just a job well done. We execute continual process improvement procedures to ensure that the job is not only done right, but areas of improvement are identified to accelerate performance and efficiency for our customers.

Creativity – A bottom-to-top culture of innovation is the engine that drives PrismSix Technologies’ best-in-class solution delivery. Fostering innovation is key to our approach for reducing cost while applying cutting-edge technologies for both government and private sector customers.

Performance – Tight deadlines? Aggressive schedule? Mission critical application? No problem. At PrismSix Technologies, we expect to perform at our best for our customers. No matter the environment, PrismSix employees will deliver top of the line results to our clients.

People – Our employees work hard for our clients to deliver the best solution possible. So we value our employees and strive to reward their hard work while promoting personal career growth and a healthy work-life balance.

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Contact our services department: services@prismsix.com


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